Fittleworth Flyers Running Club

Running and jogging for pleasure with Fittleworth Flyers in West Sussex

Racing with Fittleworth Flyers


Racing with Fittleworth Flyers is an optional but enjoyable part of your running experience. We are members of the West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL), which offers races throughout the year. These races are for all abilities, not just for the fast runners! Most races are around 4-5 miles, on mixed terrain.

We organize the Fittleworth Flyers Five race, as part of the WSFRL calendar.

Runners from the club also take part in other races for a bit more competition, ranging from track events for the very fast, up to marathons and ultra-marathons for the endurance specialists! Whether you want to race seriously or just for fun, there will be racing to suit you.